High blood pressure creates heart disease, strokes and even create the risk of getting kidney disease. You can rely on medical for High blood pressure, you will get the relief but for a long duration it will not help you. It will give you relief till the time you are taking the medicine. There are number of medicines available in the market for High blood pressure, which can control it – but taking this medicine for a longer duration will affect your health badly, after a while the effect of the medication seems to be falling slowly. That’s why herbal remedies are beneficial in high blood pressure.

Herbs/ Traditional medicine for high blood pressure.

1) Garlic- garlic is beneficial for those patients whose blood pressure increases slowly slowly. It is said that garlic has alisene, which increases due to nitric oxide production. It provide relaxation to the muscle arteries along with daylostik and silostik system.

2) Drumstick – sweet potato also has a name drumstick . It comprises protein, good vitamin, mineral and salts. Studies have shown that drinking the extracts of this tree leaf help to reduce blood pressure and leave a positive impact on daylostik and stylistic system. The best way to eat it to cook it with Lentil Dal.

3) AMLA – generally believed that AMLA help to reduce blood pressure. By the way AMLA has vitamin c that help the blood vessel to spread which helps bring down blood pressure. AMLA, is the important component of Triphala, which is available in the market.

4) Radish – it’s a simple vegetable which is found in every Indian household kitchen. Eating it help to reduce the blood pressure.  It can be cooked or can be used as raw food for high amounts of mineral and potassium.

5) Sesame seed– recent studies showed that the combination of sesame oil and rice bran oil wonderfully help to reduce the hypertension and high blood pressure. And it is believed that it is more useful and better than other blood pressure medicine.

6) Flex seed– Flexseed has alpha linolenic acid or lainsid is found in abundance, which is kind of important omega-3 fatty acid. Many studies also showed that those who complain of hypertension can use this Flexseed in his diet. There’s are small amount of cholesterol so it helps in blood pressure.

7) Cardamom – a study published in an Indian journal told that 20 people were having basic hypertension given 3g cardamom powder for Three months and after that all those people feel good. The 3 grams cardamom intake don’t have any side effect. In addition, the study also pointed out that it would also effectively block at blood pressure. It also help in   improving anti-oxidant, without altering the level of Fibrinogen level in the blood.

8) Cinnamon- cinnamon not only help in heart diseases but also in diabetes. A study done on 22 people in a health Centre in USA, the half of people given the cinnamon water and to half something else. The study showed that the people who drank cinnamon water has good amount of antioxidant and blood sugar was also very low.