Vijaysar Wood is generally found in Madhya Pradesh and in South India. The color of this wood is Ruby red. This drug is very effective for diabetics.

Not only Ayurveda but also the modern medical science consider it very useful in diabetes. Put this wood in a glass of water at night and in the morning drink it empty stomach. The element found in Vijaysar wood assist to increase the secretion of insulin in the blood.

You can buy the fresh Vijaysar wood pieces from the market. Get it clean by dry cloth. If pieces are large so break them into -1/ 4-1/2 centimeters or even make small pieces. Then put the wood pieces in earth pot (approximately twenty-five grams) at night with two cups or in a glass of water. In Morning water will be deep red. Now drain the water and drink it empty stomach. Now again you put the same wood in 1 glass of water and boil water in the evening. Make it cool and drink it.

Its volume can also increase or decrease according to the disease. If you are using English medicine, do not leave it but gradually reduce the quantity. If you are using injection of insulin, You can reduce the amount of injected 1 week later. Every week reduce the insulin in volume by 2-3 unit. The elements found in Vijaysar wood helps to increase the secretion of insulin in the blood.

Medicinal properties Vijaysar wood:

  • Helps controlling diabetes.
  • Helps to control High blood pressure.
  • Helps in Acid-bile.
  • Helps in Joint pain.
  • Helps in Hand – foot vibration.
  • Reduce Body fat, weight and helpful in reducing obesity.
  • Helps in Many skin diseases, such as skin itching, khaj-bar-2 are also phinsi, phode
  • Helpful in MALE LEUCORRHOEA (Premeh disease).
  • Its regular intake strengthen the joints.